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#17 – Functional Bodybuilding w/ Marcus Filly

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Marcus pursued a collegiate soccer career at UC Berkeley, where he discovered his passion for what strength training can truly do. He has competed at the Crossfit Games 3x as an Individual and 3x in the Team division. He is also the captain of Phoenix Rise, the GRID league champions of 2016. Marcus is also founder of the supplement company Revive Rx.

In this episode, some things we chat about:

  • Why functional bodybuilding can help you with much more than just looking good
  • Stepping outside the conventional movements to train for the unknown and unknowable
  • What life looks like behind the athleticism and the design behind striving for a balanced lifestyle

Show Notes:

  • (6:36) – Leaving medical school to become a fitness professional
  • (9:10) – Designing a supportive environment with friends and family
  • (11:50) – The billion dollar question — challenging some basic assumptions of what it means to be healthy
  • (17:40) – Functional bodybuilding
  • (24:09) – Different approaches to achieving structural balance
  • (27:40) – Training balance, coordination, and agility more specifically
  • (31:55) – Understanding, feeling, and translating body awareness to your workouts
  • (38:50) – Looking at motor learning as cyclical
  • (41:15) – Aesthetics as a byproduct
  • (46:45) – Difference in the environments of a GRID Match vs a CrossFit  competition
  • (49:40) – Morning routine
  • (50:50) – Supplements and nutrition
  • (54:22) – One year to live
  • (56:47) – Recommended reading
  • (1:00:15) – Peaking behind what shapes the athleticism and what life looks like
  • (1:04:13) – Investigate what it means to have a diverse Strength backgrounds. Can you perform movements that aren’t in your conventional sport or program?

Resources and people we may have talked about:

How you can connect with Marcus:

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  • Become a more resilient athlete while feeling more stable, balanced, and in control
  • Strength assessments to objectively figure out where you can focus your energy and time — straight from some of the guests on the show with honorable mentions
  • 5 straightforward questions to help you dissect your movement with a different lens — without getting too nerdy

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