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#26 - Gut Health, Supplementation, and Nutrient Absorption w/ Marcus Filly | The Airborne Mind

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#26 – Gut Health, Supplementation, and Nutrient Absorption w/ Marcus Filly

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Marcus painted a very clear picture with vivid examples on how to view your relationship with nutrition when designing it as a part of your lifestyle. He gave a perspective on what it means to be dedicated to a quality nutrition program over a long period of time. Completely outside of nutrition, he drops a lot of gems that are sure to get you thinking.

In this episode, some things we chat about:

  • How do you sift through all the B.S. in the supplement industry?
  • How do you choose your supplements on a budget? What should you spend your money on? What is a waste?
  • How does a gut health relate to stress, energy levels, and how sick you get?
  • How does gut health hold someone back from having a thinner waistline?
  • Poop.

Show Notes:

  • (6:15) – “Every ingredient has to serve a purpose — that is not just filling bag space.”
  • (12:00) – How do you choose and test ingredients that go into supplements?
  • (21:00) – What to do before thinking about calorie counts and macro breakdowns
  • (24:10) – Liquid nutrition
  • (33:50) – How much protein can I take in and absorb at once? 
  • (40:00) – How do we optimize gut health so we can absorb nutrients better?
  • (45:00) – Is it reversible? How to clean up your act
  • (47:45) – How does gut health affect me if “I want a thinner waistline…”?
  • (50:10) – “Poop is one of the most available sources of information about how your digestive system is doing.” 
  • (57:00) – How to shop for supplements on a budget
  • (1:04:00) – BCAAs 
  • (1:06:00) – Sleep issues
  • (1:13:00) – Routines and Rhythms 
  • (1:14:15) – Creatine
  • (1:17:15) – Egoscue 
  • (1:23:45) – Long term and short term success

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