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#89 – Inside the Mind w/ Mike Burgener

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Today I’m joined by the legendary olympic weightlifting coach, Mike Burgener, also known as Coach B. Coach B is a Level 5 Senior International Weightlifting coach and now retired head coach for CrossFit Weightlifting Seminar Staff.  He is a graduate of Notre Dame, where he played football, and obtained his MS degree from the University of Kentucky.  He was also a Captain in the United States Marine Corps and a very successful athlete both in football and in weightlifting. This is a conversation I’ve looked forward to for awhile and I really enjoyed getting to chat with Mike about who he is outside the gym. In today’s episode we dig into the inception of Mike’s Gym, Geezer weightlifting, the development of a community, the evolution of weightlifting, and much more.

Show notes

  • 4:22- The inception of Mike’s gym
  • 7:27- Why not expand the gym?
  • 10:17- Geezer weightlifting and open lifting time
  • 13:48- Community development
  • 16:15- What drew you to playing these different sports?
  • 19:42- The evolution from athlete to coach
  • 22:49- A key piece to success: education
  • 26:10- Mentors
  • 28:42- Always being open minded and still learning; light bulb moments
  • 32:36- Respect the intensity and passion others have for their craft
  • 33:44- The evolution of weightlifting and the sport
  • 38:48- Where’s the sweet spot in a training cycle?
  • 42:25- What could weightlifting look like in 10, 20, 30 years?
  • 47:27- 10 point scoring system
  • 48:08- managing the silence
  • 52:48- visualization techniques
  • 57:31- how do you view how you’ve set up your life now
  • 1:02:00- How does it feel to have your kids pursuing weightlifting in some way shape or form?
  • 1:06:30- Was there ever a time when you felt as though your back was against the wall and the only way to go was forward?
  • 1:13:31- Learn more about Mike

Resources we may have talked about

How you can connect with Mike

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