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#96- Creating A Sustainable Body Image w/ Kelsi Gotauco | The Airborne Mind

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#96- Creating A Sustainable Body Image w/ Kelsi Gotauco

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For today’s episode, I’m joined by Kelsi Gotauco. She is a nutrition coach and a former cheerleader for the New England Patriots. Kelsi began her fitness journey in the world of aesthetics, doing a bikini competition, which led her to falling in love with all that fitness had to offer. It is this love for fitness that drove her to dive into online nutrition coaching and personal training. Kelsi’s focus revolves around helping women in creating a sustainable body image that they can feel confident in. Today we talk about body image, self talk, using journaling as a nutrition tool, and so much more.

Show Notes

  • (3:54)- How did you get started and background
  • (6:22)- The demands of keeping of physical appearance as a cheerleader 
  • (8:47)- Pressure to look a certain way from an unspoken vibe/ expectations 
  • (10:38)- Kelsi’s exposure to fitness through a bikini competition 
  • (14:37)- The frustration of sustainability 
  • (16:10)- Feeling in control and finding a sustainable lifestyle
  • (20:47)- Assumptions with body image 
  • (25:28)- Comparing yourself to others 
  • (32:30)- Verbalizing whats inside your head 
  • (36:28)- Journaling, brain dumping, being real with yourself 
  • (42:00)- Favorite journal prompts 
  • (45:20)- What is the smallest thing I can do that will make an impact? 
  • (48:54)- Clarity and consciousness around what you’re doing 
  • (50:40)- Verbalizing things that may never get out 
  • (55:52)- Environment and support systems to help with behavior change
  • (1:00.25)- The subconscious question of am I safe here
  • (1:08.47)- The impact of a support system on what you’re able to do 
  • (1:13:45)- If you had a couple billion dollars and a staff of top thinkers, what would you do with it?
  • (1:16:55)- If you could give away a couple pieces of media to people that have been influential to you, what would they be? 
  • (1:20:39)- If you could have people take away one thing from today, what would it be? 

Resources we may have talked about

How you can connect with Kelsi 

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