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#46 – Auditing Your Actions w/ Jared Enderton

Jared Enderton has been on a constant pursuit to learn from the best. When he started weightlifting, he traveled the country soaking up what he could from California Strength, Mash Elite Performance, Average Broz, and the Olympic Training Center. Since then, he’s competed as a GRID athlete and most recently competed at the 2017 CrossFit Games Regional.

As a coach, Jared travels the country teaching Enderton Strength Seminars, focusing on spreading knowledge about the barbell. We talk about balancing a coaching and athletic career, the mindset for acquiring new skills, adapting to change, self-talk, reflection, and so much more.

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13 Questions That Will Leave A Dent In Your Life (In A Good Way)

This is the first solo series episode, which will be dropping every Thursday.

Chances are whatever it is you’re chasing right now, requires you to set goals, deadlines, action items, etc. That’s pretty much any area you’d like to see progress or success in.

Without the answers to these 13 questions, all of that is like wandering around in a dark room looking for the walls.

As soon as you use these, I truly believe that it can’t be unlearned. The light bulb will turn on.

And you’re going to start viewing things as systems. Being able to have a 30,000 ft view to see how each action you take is connected to the bigger picture of your goal.

That saying we hear all the time, “Enjoy the process!” How does that work? Especially with something you don’t want to do.

How do you actually “enjoy the process”?

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#45 – Origins Of The Mind Muscle Project w/ Lachy Rowston

Lachy Rowston is the co-host of The Mind Muscle Project, which is Australia’s #1 Health & Fitness podcast. He is also the co-owner of CrossFit Creature. When I was in Australia, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to sit down with Lachy. We chat about podcasting, gym ownership, business, cultivating creativity, and so much more.

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#44 – A Perspective On Sustainable Training w/ Zach Greenwald

Zach Greenwald, founder of Strength Ratio, is back on the show! This time we dig into what sustainable training actually looks like for the sport of CrossFit and Weightlifting.

In our first episode, we talked about using a test that can be used to objectively measure your state of readiness. I still had a ton of questions to make this applicable to the everyday athlete AND competitor, so we dig much deeper.

Think of this tool as something you want to keep in your arsenal, like a foam roller or lacrosse ball — except it’s available to you at all times with no equipment needed.

Should you push the weights a little heavier? Should you back off today? Is this mobility exercise actually making a difference? These are all things you can measure objectively with this stress test.

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#43 – Teaching Is A Medium For Sharing Something Bigger w/ James Hobart

This is a special episode for me. James Hobart was the head coach at my CF Level 1 Seminar a few years back. I remember that experience so vividly and James had a huge part to do with that. It was an honor to reconnect with him after following his journey since then.

James is an eight year CrossFit Games veteran (3 individual, 5 team). And he’s the only athlete to have competed on two different Affiliate Cup Champion teams. Beyond his athletic success, he is very down to earth, and has a gift of being able to teach.

CrossFit is just a medium for him to express that.

I wanted to know about things like what goes into prepping for a kickass seminar? How do you give feedback to people with more experience than you? How did you train for the Games on pretty much two meals a day?!

We also talk about why training has a purpose beyond just competition and how he is filling up this new space with some exciting endeavors. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

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#42 – Embracing Adversity In Adventure w/ Rasmus Andersen

Rasmus grew up in Denmark riding dirt bikes until one day he decided to throw on his old shoes and go run a couple miles.

After coming to San Diego for language school, he could be found at CrossFit Invictus doing the same class workout twice a day.

Eventually he started training with the competitors, which led him to helping Team Invictus win the Affiliate Cup Championship in 2014. Since then he’s made two more trips back to the CrossFit Games.

We talk about the challenges, obstacles, and personal growth that came with the journey from Denmark to San Diego. And San Diego to Dubai, where he’s now also coaching at CrossFit Alioth.

I had a blast learning more about his story. Wishing him the best of luck as he sets out to compete at the Meridian Regional in Spain this weekend! I hope you enjoy this conversation along with his exquisite accent.

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#41 – Scaling Your Behavior For Greatness w/ Mark Bell

Mark “Smelly” Bell is the founder of Power Magazine, Super Training Gym, and the staple weightlifting accessory called the Slingshot. He is an American Powerlifter who has totaled 2551lb (1025lb Squat, 854lb Bench, 755lb Deadlift). Mark has over 2,000 videos on YouTube at this point, which is probably more than anyone in the fitness industry right now. He also has a wildly popular podcast called Mark Bell’s Powercast.

In this episode, we got deep really fast. So deep that I forgot to hit record in the first few minutes. Achieving greatness starts with being good consistently. How do you scale your behavior to get to where you want to go? Sit back, relax, and let Smelly’s wisdom seep into your brain.

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#40 – The Art Of Coaching w/ James Fitzgerald

James Fitzgerald, founder/director of OPEX Fitness, has over 20+ years of experience when it comes to coaching. This episode is special to me because we talk about the craft itself with a lens that really illuminates what it means to be a coach. I wanted to understand how he organizes his thoughts, views the integration of systems, and structures high level thinking. If you’re a coach, you do not want to miss this episode. If you’re an athlete, you’ll walk away with a whole new appreciation for the level of depth that goes into coaching.

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#39 – How To Take Responsibility For Your Goals w/ Pawel Wencel

Pawel Wencel, is the host and co-creator of Uncharted Performance. He does a phenomenal job seeking out the stories of his guests where he highlights the adversity they’ve had to overcome.

What I found most fascinating in this conversation was the process of thinking that Pawel uses to continually achieve his goals. He has a full time corporate job while pursuing his passion project. It’s very easy to blame time, circumstances, or be paralyzed by the enormity of the task ahead.

How does he take responsibility for what’s most important? How did he break down his vision into actionable steps? What does that structure look like? These concepts are not just limited to side hustles and passion projects. It’s about figuring out how to make time for whatever is most important to you.

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#38 – How To Prepare GPP Athletes, Competitors, and Professionals w/ Jacob Wellock

Jacob Wellock is the founder of The Welded Athlete and co-owner of Double Edge Fitness in Reno, Nevada. He’s also Lindsey Valenzuela’s head coach. We had a BLAST nerding out about programming for general fitness vs competitors for the first half of this episode. Building skills, getting stronger, and improving your conditioning at the same time. We talk about the secret sauce that doesn’t really exist. But how do we get as close to that line as possible?

Then we dive into what it takes to prepare a professional. How important is individualized program design? What was the progression and timeline like for Lindsey Valenzuela after she had her baby? What types of movements were complete “no-nos”? When was it time to kick things up a notch? How do you support athletes mentally and emotionally? How do you pull the reigns back? And so much more.

It was truly a pleasure to get inside Jacob’s head. I’ll sum up with a post of his that really resonated with me. After chatting with him, I really believe it’s a representation of how he operates:

“The lion knows it’s a lion. It doesn’t hide that or change for anyone. The lion also doesn’t go around telling all the other animals that it is a lion, all of the other animals already know. Strive to be like the lion. Make your presence known through your actions without having to tell everyone about it. The lion knows how to rest just as easy as it knows how to kill. As an athlete, you should strive to have this mindset. Be like the lion.”

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