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#53 – Hypertrophy, Muscle Science, and Eliciting Different Forms Of Stress w/ Dr. Andy Galpin

Dr. Andy Galpin joins us today to talk SCIENCE. He is a Professor of Kinesiology at the Center for Sport Performance at California State University, Fullerton. He has a Ph.D. in Human Bioenergetics and is the founder and director of the Biochemistry and Molecular Exercise Laboratory.

Why do certain types of training programs work better than others? Why do certain people respond to certain types of training better than others?

Andy is a muscle scientist who studies muscle at the single cell level all the way up to performance to try to determine what happens in response to high intensity, high power, high velocity, high force exercise acutely and chronically.

He is best known for studying “human thriving”. What do we do to not just avoid being sick but how do we optimize? How do we thrive?  He spends time examining those that do that so that we really understand what we’re shooting for in terms of optimal health and performance.

In this episode, we chat about things like why we think of science the wrong way, why hypertrophy training is so critical for long term development, the diabetes of dopamine, what happens when we eliminate all stress, and so much more.

I admire his skill for communicating such complex topics in laymen’s terms. His new book Unplugged is taking the best seller’s list by storm. Make sure you support the message by grabbing a copy and leaving a review on Amazon!

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Why Your Progress Has Stalled And What To Do About It

There’s a reason why you feel beaten down, burnt out, and bored with your training. You are a unique individual. If you follow training and nutrition protocols designed for someone who doesn’t have your physiology and psychology — it’s a matter of time before you flatline.

It’s much sexier to put a flag into the floor and say, “Everyone is going to follow THIS type of training because it’s the MOST effective way.” But it’s also ignorant because each individual is so different. We all have different wants, needs, desires, fears, obstacles, barriers, and the list goes on.

If you’re at a stage where you want to see: what would happen if I tinkered with my limitations? What would happen if I addressed the “little” variables that are not so little? If I treated myself as a unique human — not an avatar. What would the journey look and feel like?

Shoot me an email (misbah@revival-strength.com) if you want to hop on a quick call to start some dialogue around your fitness journey. At the very least, my goal is to help you walk away feeling a little more connected to your fitness.

#52 – A Pure Gymnast’s Perspective On Owning Your Movement w/ Travis Ewart

Travis Ewart, Invictus Gymnastics Coach, joins us today for a pretty entertaining conversation. He is a USA Gymnastics Coaching professional who has worked with 4 year olds all the way to top Games Athletes. The perspective you’re about to hear is so unique because it’s coming from a pure gymnast. And this wise bald guy has come up with some really interesting ways for the application of gymnastics.

It was a blast getting to understand his thought process around things like making body shapes, connection of speed, the debate around Hollow Body position, and so much more. If you want to prepare your body to handle high volume gymnastics and understand some programming principles for doing so, this episode is for you.

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The Next Chapter (For True Fans Only)

Exactly one year ago, I had contemplated starting the podcast. I tried kicking the thought out of my head for a while because I didn’t think I was ready.

Within two weeks, I dove in and recorded my first 3 episodes. Scared to death. No one listened for quite a while.

To think about what it’s become purely from you all listening and being badass fans — I’m honored.

I also have an exciting announcement to make. All I wanted in my heart when I first started personal training at 18 years old was to make a living out of fitness delivery. I wanted to be a fitness professional. Not a hobbyist. Not a side hustle. A professional. I saw very few people who were able to that.

I’m honored to say that I’m now a Revival Strength Coach. Marcus has given me a platform where I can do exactly that. And I have a deep urge to share that feeling and share information with those who are on this path.

Words can’t wrap the emotion I feel around this topic. Because you are doing meaningful, commendable, and admirable work to truly impact people’s lives. And you deserve to be able to make a living from this type of work. Long story short, if you’re a fitness professional (or one in the making), you’ll want to listen to this episode.

Thanks for giving me a platform where I can keep creating a body of work. Talking about things that matter, ideas that work, and dialogue that delivers. This episode is a thank you and a direct dialogue to those of you who support my art by listening to the show.

#51 – Adversity, Alignment, and Accountability w/ Nuno Costa

My favorite aspect of this conversation was reflecting on the phenomenal documentary Torin Simpson produced called “The Story Of Nuno Costa”. We discussed Nuno’s journey from Portugal to the United States, overcoming alcohol and cocaine addiction, and coming out as a gay athlete when he wasn’t sure he would always be accepted.

How do you react when the carpet is pulled out from under you over and over? What does the internal self talk sound like? And how do you pursue change to fill the shoes you know you were meant to fill?

Nuno Costa is one of the few athletes in the world who has competed in the CrossFit Games Affiliate Cup every year since it started in 2009. In 2014, he was apart of the winning team with Team Invictus and we wish him the best as he sets out to compete again this weekend. We talk about the role that sports have played in bringing out pure joy, emotion, and providing a sense of belonging.

He has been coaching CrossFit, running, and triathlon programs full time since 2008. One of the many areas we talk about include what it takes to make a living as a fitness professional in this industry.

Nuno has been a head coach for CFHQ since the beginning of 2012 coaching Level 1 and Level 2 seminars all over the world. Nuno also coached the CrossFit Endurance seminars for over 5 years, traveling the world to train other coaches proper running and endurance training technique, nutrition, injury prevention and program design.

As always, there are many twists and turns throughout the conversation. I walked away feeling really proud of this one. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

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A Forgotten Mindfulness Practice

One of the most common patterns from guests who have been on the show is the recommendation of finding a mindfulness practice. Something that allows you to give your brain a bath. It doesn’t always have to be a specific breathing protocol or style of meditation. Especially if you’re just getting your feet wet. The reality is that sitting down for 5 minutes to sit in the silence with your own thoughts can seem impossible at first. There’s a practice that I believe is often overlooked when we talk about mindfulness in this context. Anyone can do it. And it’s the perfect way to hit the reset button so you can go out and kick ass.

#50 – Freestyle Calisthenics: A Vehicle To Authentic Expression w/ Gina Scarangella

Gina Scarangella is a former gymnast, former NFL Cheerleader, and now a Calisthenics athlete. Just like breakdancing, I find Freestyle Calisthenics to be the intersection of art and movement. It’s another vehicle to authentically expressing what goes on in the mind and body. So much depends on “feeling” and creativity. In this episode, I had a million questions to understand what goes into bodyweight mastery. We talk about the difference between gymnastics and calisthenics. What goes into the culture, community, and competition? How does someone with no athletic background get started? And so much more. Gina’s journey has been so much fun to follow and I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds for both her and the sport itself.

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Connection Between Flow States and Suffering

This week I talk about some of Steven Kotler’s work regarding flow states and how it connects for me with training, podcasting, coaching, and beyond. What also sparked this episode was my conversation with Dr. Galpin discussing some of the pearls from his new book, Unplugged.

You’ll get my thoughts on a snippet of this conversation regarding the concept of eliminating stress through technology and the 30,000 ft view of how this impacts our physiology. Not only am I excited to air the full episode in a few weeks, but I’m looking forward to the message of Unplugged reaching more people.

If the concepts in the book sit well with you, the BEST compliment you can give to help support Dr. Galpin and Brian Mackenzie’s new piece of art right now is to leave a review on Amazon. It’s funny how sometimes this plays an even bigger role to spread the message at times than the overall sales of the book.

So if you appreciate this mind expanding body of work that these gentlemen have poured their energy into, help support it by taking a few minutes to leave your thoughts.

#49 – Adrenal Fatigue, Nootropics, and Business w/ Jason Phillips

Jason Phillips is finally back on the show to spit fire. If you haven’t checked out the first episode, be sure to do so. Today we talk about the buzz word “adrenal fatigue” and deep dive into this rabbit hole. Do you have trouble falling asleep at night? Are you “tired and wired”? During training, are your highs REALLY high? And the lows are REALLY low? You’ll find this piece interesting.

We also chat about nootropics (cognitive enhancers) and what they’re really designed to do. Then I had to continue the ONE thing discussion from last time by diving into some business principles, not tactics, that you must abide by if you want to really drive your side hustle or passion project.

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Chasing Microfailures

I talk about an observation that’s been a recurring theme ever since I started improv class. I’ve never seen a teacher get so happy when you fail. And when nobody is failing, you’re either playing it safe, not thinking fast enough, judging what you’re about to say, etc. Failing is seen as a good sign in improv.

The gem that’s taught through some of the games you play are how to fail on a microlevel. Then acknowledge what’s the worst that can happen. Shrug it off or tweak what you said. And move on.

This fear of failure might be non existent when you step in the gym or go to Snatch, but it might be raging wildly when you step into a different scenario/environment.

To see how a master of his craft teaches this way of thinking (which is really to get you to not think), is not only a paradox , but an art I’ve come to really appreciate.

There’s a weird sense of freedom in being able to fail small, fail fast, and fail a lot.

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