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#76 – Pursuing Personal, Professional, and Relational Growth w/ Adee Cazayoux

74 episodes later... Adee Cazayoux is back on the show!! This episode is special because Adee has always been an inspirational figure to me from the early beginnings. It's exciting to watch her growth in so many areas and for her to share some of those lessons with us today. For those of you who may not know, she is the founder and CEO of Working Against Gravity. Her nutrition consulting company has literally worked with thousands of people. We talk about how Adee makes time for herself while running a business, the lead domino to everything, taking action on your fantasies, and so and much more. Read More

#75 – The Truth Shall Set You Free w/ Misbah Haque

Today's podcast episode is a conversation I had with Pawel Wencel from Uncharted Performance. I was on the other side of the mic for once and got asked some very good questions. We talk about some of the unique characteristics that have contributed to helping me expand as a person, coach, and host. Some of the central themes identified by Pawel included creativity, exploring, questioning, listening, and coaching. We then talk about how these 5 elements get incorporated into my movement practice, relationships, personal development, and self expression through conscious and persistent effort. My favorite part of Pawel's description is this all happens while being vulnerable and breaking a few rules along the way. *Originally posted on: Uncharted Performance Read More

#74 – How To Have Deeper, Fulfilling, and Longer Lasting Relationships w/ Dr. Megan Kaden

Dr. Megan Kaden is a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in couples and individuals working on their relationships. She's also developed a digital course, with yours truly, called The Art and Science of Connection. This episode is so exciting to me because we discuss elements of neurobiology, causes for relationship failures (with others or yourself), how our system handles emotions, and so much more. This is a MUST listen for anyone who wants to be more connected in their day to day interactions with friends, clients, co-workers,  family, and most importantly - yourself. Read More

#73 – The Journey Of Leadership w/ Michael Cazayoux

Michael Cazayoux, founder of Brute Strength, is back on the show! He is the host of the Brute Strength Podcast and runs a coaching company with training programs suited for different goals such as performance and body composition. Today we reflect upon the journey of the last year (since episode #6). We talk about creating time for play, how to choose what to learn next, lessons from marriage, the nuances of leadership, and so much more. Read More

#72 – Rowing Efficiency, Food Hygiene, and Lifestyle Coaching w/ Brianna Lamb

Brianna Lamb joins us today to talk about rowing efficiency, asking good questions, and her extensive nutrition journey. She's a former NCAA D1 Rower and competitive CrossFit athlete. Brianna is also a coach here at Revival Strength and we get to shine light on some of the admirable qualities I get to notice about her in that role. I've always wanted to learn more about how to improve my rowing from someone who has a solid background in this discipline. As for nutrition, it's always valuable to chat with someone who has actually TRIED a wide variety of approaches. That gives us some insight on how to steer our own journeys with food in a slightly more efficient manner. Read More

#71 – Banned Substances Every Athlete Needs To Know Before Competing w/ Calvin Sun

Calvin Sun is a Senior Coach and Director of Informational Products at Invictus Fitness. He is the co-author of the best selling book, The Invictus Mindset. He’s also written a book that takes an evidence based approach called Post Workout Supplementation. This time we talk about his latest body of work: 12 Banned Substances That Every Athlete Needs To Know Before Competing. We talk about the not so obvious substances, legalization of CBD oil, doping scandals, optimizing sleep, and so much more. Read More

#70 – Body Image, Intuitive Eating, and Self Discovery w/ Anthony Mihelich

Anthony Mihelich joins us today to talk about his journey as a coach and athlete. He is a coach here at Revival Strength and coached by Marcus Filly. We talk about a few things today that I believe should get more air time in the online world. Body image, intuitive eating, and learning through unconventional ways. Anthony shares his experience with traveling to Thailand, immersing himself in the competitor lifestyle, and my favorite -- the master cleanse. Read More

#69 – P2: The Art Of Breath w/ Rob Wilson

Rob Wilson join us today to provide us with a deeper understanding of the breath. He comes from a formal education in manual therapy with 15+ years of experience as both a practitioner and teacher. Rob's been traveling side by side with Brian Mackenzie teaching The Art Of Breath seminars. He co-owns and operates CrossFit Virginia Beach with his wife. In addition to working with the Power Speed Endurance team, Rob was also a member of the world renowned MobilityWod staff under the direction of Dr. Kelly Starrett. His main sport background is youth martial arts including Jeet Kune Do (the philosophies of Bruce Lee), Judo, Muay Thai, and Maphiliindo Silat and Kali. Rob’s journey is about developing a deeper understanding of human performance to better serve those who wish to actualize their potential. We talk about the difference between toxin and medicine, sympathetic tone, diaphragmatic breathing, fear and anxiety, and much more. P.S. -- A 30 Day Breathing Challenge is SERVED for you to take on. Read More

#68 – Building Your Aerobic Capacity w/ Shanna Guzman

Shanna Guzman is a coach here at Revival Strength. She's someone I've had the chance to learn a lot from over the last several months. Especially when it comes to anything endurance related. Shanna comes from a swimming background, where she won a world championship in the 200m Backstroke in 2006 and multiple national titles from 2006-2012. She's currently being coached by Mike Lee of OPEX and is focused on developing herself to compete in the 40+ division of the CrossFit Games this year. The most fascinating part for me is talking about the honesty it takes to live the lifestyle of a competitor while also pursuing a coaching career. Read More

#67 – Handstands 101 w/ Travis Ewart

Travis Ewart, Invictus Gymnastics Coach, drops some knowledge today. He is a USA Gymnastics Coaching professional who has worked with 4 year olds all the way to top Games Athletes. We talk about building a handstand pushup from the ground up, getting fluent with freestanding handstands, the intricacies of handstand walking, and so much more. Read More
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