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#68 – Building Your Aerobic Capacity w/ Shanna Guzman

Shanna Guzman is a coach here at Revival Strength. She's someone I've had the chance to learn a lot from over the last several months. Especially when it comes to anything endurance related. Shanna comes from a swimming background, where she won a world championship in the 200m Backstroke in 2006 and multiple national titles from 2006-2012. She's currently being coached by Mike Lee of OPEX and is focused on developing herself to compete in the 40+ division of the CrossFit Games this year. The most fascinating part for me is talking about the honesty it takes to live the lifestyle of a competitor while also pursuing a coaching career. Read More

#67 – Handstands 101 w/ Travis Ewart

Travis Ewart, Invictus Gymnastics Coach, drops some knowledge today. He is a USA Gymnastics Coaching professional who has worked with 4 year olds all the way to top Games Athletes. We talk about building a handstand pushup from the ground up, getting fluent with freestanding handstands, the intricacies of handstand walking, and so much more. Read More

#66 – The Art Of Breath w/ Brian Mackenzie

Brian Mackenzie is back on the show!! He has studied performance and movement for more than a decade along with altitude, hypoxia, breathing mechanics, heat and cold exposure. He most recently co-authored the book "Unplugged" with Dr. Andy Galpin. This episode builds upon our first one (EP.13), where we dug into the science and physiology behind breathing. I went through a breath assessment and have been experimenting with my customized breathing protocols for the last 4 weeks. I've been using it to process and switch between tasks more efficiently, mitigate unwanted stress and anxiety, and really observing how these different protocols affect your physiological state. My favorite segments of this episode are where we discuss creative process, the forgotten art of apprenticeship, time management, and the dance between fulfillment and challenge. Oh and you'll also hear about how Brian's been swimming with sharks for some new research studies on fear and anxiety coming out of Stanford's laboratories. Read More

#65 – Muscle Stem Cells, Hypertrophy, and Concurrent Training w/ Dr. Kevin Murach

Dr. Kevin Murach is a scientist and researcher who primarily studies muscle stem cells at the University of Kentucky. Today we chat about two areas of his specialty that are a bit controversial in the scientific community -- hypertrophy and concurrent training. What is it? How does it relate to the everyday person? And what has Kevin unpacked up until now? His art is really translating these heavy concepts into something digestible to those of us who aren't scientists. Read More

#64 – How Coaches Can Develop Systems For Handling A Robust Client Load w/ Mike Lee

Mike Lee, of OPEX Fitness, joins us today to talk about how coaches starting out can refine their systems to be able to handle a larger client load with individual design. "In order to grow as a coach, you have to learn how to scale. Scaling is done through a great system of organization and  great communication with clients." You may have heard of Mike's wizardry since he is the coach of Marcus Filly, Tennil Reed, and a host of other elite level athletes. This episode is valuable because we discuss the obstacles and adversity he faced when he started out as a coach. What were some lessons and challenges from 0-20 clients vs 40+? Regardless of where you are on the coaching continuum, this is one you do not want to miss. Read More

#63 – Inside The Mind w/ James Fitzgerald

James Fitzgerald, founder/director of OPEX Fitness, is back on the show! We build upon the meat of our last episode (Ep. 40) -- which was really about understanding how he organizes his thoughts, views the integration of systems, and structures high level thinking. This episode  gets a little more personal. We talk about fear, adversity, insecurities, higher purpose, and so much more. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did. Read More

#62 – What It Really Takes: Grit And Grind Of The Games Life w/ Tennil Reed-Beuerlein

Tennil Reed-Beuerlein joins us today to talk about the journey of the last 6 years. She placed 1st at the South West Regional and 6th at the 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games, in which she was the first female representing the U.S. on the leaderboard this year. Tennil walks us through the inner dialogue, non negotiables, and the realities of what needs to happen if you want to compete at a high level. I admire people who are so "all in" on something with an unshakeable belief that we can't help but to learn from their drive. Tennil is one of those people. Read More

#60 – Functional Bodybuilding, Aerobic Development, and Individual Design w/ Marcus Filly

Marcus Filly is back for his 5th appearance on the show! Last time we chatted was when I was about to start ATS 2.0. Since then, I've been really intrigued about the intricacies that go into building an engine, pacing, and learning your gears. For some of us, it's that time of year. For others, we just want to not die on the Assault Bike (yours truly). Using myself as a case study, we talk about what breathing progressions might look like for long term development. Due to heightened interest, we keep the dialogue going around functional bodybuilding and the evolution we've seen over the last 6 months since the birth of Awaken Training Series. I measure time in podcast episodes. So this was also a surreal reflection for me from our first episode ever (EP17). Always a fulfilling conversation with this guy. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Read More

#59 – Freestyle Calisthenics: The World Is Our Gym w/ Rain Bennett

Rain Bennett is an independent international documentary filmmaker who creates projects focused on cultural or social issues, food, music, art, and health. He created the movie Raise Up: The World Is Our Gym to document the history of the art form and the new age of calisthenics. I'm beyond excited to chat with him today because I strongly believe in building bridges between disciplines to have a cross exchange of information and ideas. I appreciate the creativity, style, and expression of movement that calisthenics contributes to the fitness community. Rain does a ton of consulting with businesses around storytelling to help them connect with their audiences and customers. He does a phenomenal job of translating his skillset in filmmaking and storytelling into actionable items for fitness professionals to use in this new age of technology. Read More
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