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#79 – Sleep Optimization w/ Dan Pardi

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In this episode we explore how to achieve the ultimate goal in life: a good night’s sleep! My guest, Dan Pardi, is a sleep researcher and educator at Stanford and Leiden University in the Netherlands. Dan is also the CEO of, an operating system that helps people master their healthy lifestyles.

In this episode, Dan details how to optimize sleep and understand sleep behavioral changes so a good night’s rest can be achieved. We talk about issues affecting sleep cycle, measuring markers of sleep, midnight awakenings, and so much more.

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Show Notes

  • (5:25) – Sleep Optimization
  • (11:46) – The Loop Model
  • (12:34) – Sleep and Metabolism
  • (18:52) – Late Night Snacks
  • (21:42) – Issues Affecting Sleep Cycle
  • (28:52) – Measuring Markers of Sleep
  • (33:37) – Midnight Awakenings
  • (43:29) – Sleep Behavior Changes
  • (53:48) – HumanOs

Resources we may have talked about:

  • – Dan Pardi’s personal health program that integrate applications and provides unique healthy recipes

How you can connect with Dan:

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