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#88-Fundamentals of Animal/Kettlebell Flow w/ Eric and Francheska

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Today I’m joined by two guests, Eric Leija and Francheska Martinez. Eric is an Annit Academy Senior Kettlebell Coach, coach ate the Onnit Gym in Austin, Texas, and specialist in all things related to kettlebell flow. Francheska is an animal flow instructor and master, Onnit kettlebell specialist, Onnit Mace specialist , stretch therapist, coach, and bodyweight movement expert. I’ve always found the kettlebell to be such a valuable, versatile piece of equipment, and getting to explore the creativity of movement with it is something I’ve enjoyed. Today we discuss the many ways we can explore movement in a gym beyond barbells, animal and kettlebell flows, the art, style, and grace of movement, what a flow might look like, how to spot a practice, and much more.

Show notes:

  • (4:04)- Exploring movement beyond barbells in the gym
  • (5:46)- Doing more with less
  • (7:34)- Kettlebells vs other discipline
  • (11:51)- Flowing/ dancing
  • (15:47)- Making heavyweight look light/ being graceful
  • (18:28)- What does a flow look like
  • (23:15)- Explore your body in movement patterns
  • (26:59)-Contralateral movement patterns
  • (28:57)- Who does animal and kettlebell flow attract?
  • (36:25)- Adopting a practice
  • (40:35)- Grace on the floor
  • (42:58)- Simple flow workout
  • (45:50)- Buying time
  • (47:58)- Graceful movement/ Ido
  • (50:50)- lateral ape, jump squat, side kick through
  • (54:24)- If you could give 1-3 pieces of content to the world, who would they be?
  • (58:08)- Story similar to taking a leap off a cliff before you knew what the landing would be
  • (1:02:44)- What is something you don’t get asked about enough?
  • (1:05:30)- Kettlebell course

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