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#66 - The Art Of Breath w/ Brian Mackenzie | The Airborne Mind

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#66 – The Art Of Breath w/ Brian Mackenzie

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Brian Mackenzie is back on the show!! He has studied performance and movement for more than a decade along with altitude, hypoxia, breathing mechanics, heat and cold exposure. He most recently co-authored the book “Unplugged” with Dr. Andy Galpin.

This episode builds upon our first one (EP.13), where we dug into the science and physiology behind breathing. I went through a breath assessment and have been experimenting with my customized breathing protocols for the last 4 weeks. I’ve been using it to process and switch between tasks more efficiently, mitigate unwanted stress and anxiety, and really observing how these different protocols affect your physiological state.

My favorite segments of this episode are where we discuss creative process, the forgotten art of apprenticeship, time management, and the dance between fulfillment and challenge. Oh and you’ll also hear about how Brian’s been swimming with sharks for some new research studies on fear and anxiety coming out of Stanford’s laboratories.

Show Notes:

  • (6:50) – The Art of Breath
  • (8:37) – Research for fear & anxiety
  • (12:06) – How different breath protocols impact your physiological state
  • (25:35) – Balancing intensity with day to day activities
  • (28:00) – Task Switch
  • (35:05) – Creative process
  • (39:17) – Time management
  • (47:26) – Intuition
  • (53:00) – Methods of learning
  • (58:58) – Collaboration and the zone of genius
  • (1:02:33) – Art of Apprenticeship
  • (1:07:50) – Systems and parallels
  • (1:12:15) – The dance of fulfillment and challenge
  • (1:28:38) – Narrative
  • (1:40:38) – Mindset behind sharing

Resources we may have talked about:

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