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#56 – Business Strategy For The Individual Design Model w/ Jim Crowell

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Jim Crowell, CEO of OPEX Fitness, joins us today to talk business strategy. His background in Finance and Economics led him to play in the hedge fund world for years before successfully managing multiple fitness facilities in Pittsburgh. Today we discuss things like human behavior, storytelling, and implementing systems and strategy to make the individual design model work.

There’s a lot of great dialogue in this episode that makes me confident in saying you’d be SILLY to not listen to this one if you’re a fitness professional.

People don’t always want leaner, faster, and stronger. They want to be happier. How can you give that feeling to more people in your gym? We discuss the three pieces to community, thoughts on how artificial intelligence will affect the fitness industry, social media strategy for coaches and gym owners, along with so much more.

Show Notes:

  • (4:40) – Coaches and gym owners want futures
  • (8:57) – Thoughts on maximizing the group fitness model
  • (10:13) – Human behavior
  • (12:55) – How to make the individual design model work
  • (16:20) – Gym owners — providing growth for coaches
  • (24:15) – Storytelling and filling your business model
  • (27:32) – Communicating the value of individualized design
  • (31:26) – Assessment and data to communicate results
  • (35:00) – Lead generation strategy
  • (39:00) – Automation and knowing your customers
  • (44:40) – Social media
  • (48:36) – Your story
  • (50:50) – Sales process
  • (59:08) – Systems and strategy
  • (1:10:35) – How will AI affect the fitness industry
  • (1:14:45) – Long term patch for coaching
  • (1:21:42) – 3 pieces to community building

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