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#82 – 1 Year Anniversary Special: Awaken Training Series w/ Marcus Filly

Today's episode is special because we're celebrating the one year anniversary special for Awaken Training Series. Marcus Filly joins me today to reflect on some of the learnings that we've had since the inception. I know that as a participant, my biggest takeaway was the evolution in mindset around training. We talk about things like controlled variety, confidence through training, tracking certain markers for progress, and so much more. Read More

#81 – Movement Is The Ultimate Freedom w/ Marcus Filly

Today's episode is a crosscast from the new Look Good Move Well podcast. This concept is so important to me, I could talk about it for hours. Vacuuming. Getting out of the car. Standing up. It’s easy to take our ability to move for granted, until it’s taken away. Just like Marcus’s baby daughter, the more ways you can move, the more freedom you have in life. Finding your own entry point into loving the way you can move will also keep you motivated in your training. Listen in to get inspired and take our 5-minute flow challenge! Read More

#80 – Beyond Macros w/ Matthew Walrath

The hardest part about living a healthy lifestyle is more than lifting heavy weights. It also needs a foundation of nutrition to support your goals. My guest, Matthew Walrath came by to discuss the importance of using food to fuel the body with better energy to support a healthy lifestyle. He is the owner of Beyond Macros, a leading nutrition coaching platform to help people focus on quality food. We talk about evaluating food templates, food culture in different parts of the world, and so much more.

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#78 – Universal Strategies For Business Success In Fitness w/ Todd Nief

Todd Nief is co-owner of South Loop S&C and head coach of Legion S&C. In today's podcast, we discuss some of the challenges with running a brick and mortar business vs online business. What are some of the common threads between the two? Similarly, what areas require a bit of a different approach? Todd shares some successful tactics that have lead to breakthroughs in his career as a coach and business owner. Read More

#77 – Playing The Cards You Are Dealt w/ Bryce Smith

Bryce Smith is back! He is a Coach at Invictus Fitness and certified EMT and Firefighter with the LAFD. Bryce believes that training should be fun, but that athletes should be motivated to reach their potential. We talk about how Bryce uses adventure to stay motivated and avoid being stuck in a routine. We'll also explore the use of alternative medicine to support a healthy recovery. The way that Bryce has dealt with the adversity thrown his way is inspiring to me. Be sure to check out the GoFundMe campaign for Bryce's father. You can help support his fight with brain cancer. I hope this conversation moves you as much as it moved me. #smithstrong

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#73 – The Journey Of Leadership w/ Michael Cazayoux

Michael Cazayoux, founder of Brute Strength, is back on the show! He is the host of the Brute Strength Podcast and runs a coaching company with training programs suited for different goals such as performance and body composition. Today we reflect upon the journey of the last year (since episode #6). We talk about creating time for play, how to choose what to learn next, lessons from marriage, the nuances of leadership, and so much more. Read More

#72 – Rowing Efficiency, Food Hygiene, and Lifestyle Coaching w/ Brianna Lamb

Brianna Lamb joins us today to talk about rowing efficiency, asking good questions, and her extensive nutrition journey. She's a former NCAA D1 Rower and competitive CrossFit athlete. Brianna is also a coach here at Revival Strength and we get to shine light on some of the admirable qualities I get to notice about her in that role. I've always wanted to learn more about how to improve my rowing from someone who has a solid background in this discipline. As for nutrition, it's always valuable to chat with someone who has actually TRIED a wide variety of approaches. That gives us some insight on how to steer our own journeys with food in a slightly more efficient manner. Read More

#71 – Banned Substances Every Athlete Needs To Know Before Competing w/ Calvin Sun

Calvin Sun is a Senior Coach and Director of Informational Products at Invictus Fitness. He is the co-author of the best selling book, The Invictus Mindset. He’s also written a book that takes an evidence based approach called Post Workout Supplementation. This time we talk about his latest body of work: 12 Banned Substances That Every Athlete Needs To Know Before Competing. We talk about the not so obvious substances, legalization of CBD oil, doping scandals, optimizing sleep, and so much more. Read More

#70 – Body Image, Intuitive Eating, and Self Discovery w/ Anthony Mihelich

Anthony Mihelich joins us today to talk about his journey as a coach and athlete. He is a coach here at Revival Strength and coached by Marcus Filly. We talk about a few things today that I believe should get more air time in the online world. Body image, intuitive eating, and learning through unconventional ways. Anthony shares his experience with traveling to Thailand, immersing himself in the competitor lifestyle, and my favorite -- the master cleanse. Read More

#69 – P2: The Art Of Breath w/ Rob Wilson

Rob Wilson join us today to provide us with a deeper understanding of the breath. He comes from a formal education in manual therapy with 15+ years of experience as both a practitioner and teacher. Rob's been traveling side by side with Brian Mackenzie teaching The Art Of Breath seminars. He co-owns and operates CrossFit Virginia Beach with his wife. In addition to working with the Power Speed Endurance team, Rob was also a member of the world renowned MobilityWod staff under the direction of Dr. Kelly Starrett. His main sport background is youth martial arts including Jeet Kune Do (the philosophies of Bruce Lee), Judo, Muay Thai, and Maphiliindo Silat and Kali. Rob’s journey is about developing a deeper understanding of human performance to better serve those who wish to actualize their potential. We talk about the difference between toxin and medicine, sympathetic tone, diaphragmatic breathing, fear and anxiety, and much more. P.S. -- A 30 Day Breathing Challenge is SERVED for you to take on. Read More
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