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#86 – Feeling Is Both An Art and A Skill w/ Carl Paoli

Today I'm joined by Carl Paoli, who has achieved high level success as a gymnast, coached thousands of athletes through GymnasticsWod and his Freestyle Connection seminars, and serves as a Global Ambassador and investor in Strike Movement. I really appreciate the lens that Carl views movement through -- but more importantly, his approach to being a human. We talk about breakdancing, expression, money, art, purpose, and so much more.

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#81 – Movement Is The Ultimate Freedom w/ Marcus Filly

Today's episode is a crosscast from the new Look Good Move Well podcast. This concept is so important to me, I could talk about it for hours. Vacuuming. Getting out of the car. Standing up. It’s easy to take our ability to move for granted, until it’s taken away. Just like Marcus’s baby daughter, the more ways you can move, the more freedom you have in life. Finding your own entry point into loving the way you can move will also keep you motivated in your training. Listen in to get inspired and take our 5-minute flow challenge! Read More

#66 – The Art Of Breath w/ Brian Mackenzie

Brian Mackenzie is back on the show!! He has studied performance and movement for more than a decade along with altitude, hypoxia, breathing mechanics, heat and cold exposure. He most recently co-authored the book "Unplugged" with Dr. Andy Galpin. This episode builds upon our first one (EP.13), where we dug into the science and physiology behind breathing. I went through a breath assessment and have been experimenting with my customized breathing protocols for the last 4 weeks. I've been using it to process and switch between tasks more efficiently, mitigate unwanted stress and anxiety, and really observing how these different protocols affect your physiological state. My favorite segments of this episode are where we discuss creative process, the forgotten art of apprenticeship, time management, and the dance between fulfillment and challenge. Oh and you'll also hear about how Brian's been swimming with sharks for some new research studies on fear and anxiety coming out of Stanford's laboratories. Read More

#59 – Freestyle Calisthenics: The World Is Our Gym w/ Rain Bennett

Rain Bennett is an independent international documentary filmmaker who creates projects focused on cultural or social issues, food, music, art, and health. He created the movie Raise Up: The World Is Our Gym to document the history of the art form and the new age of calisthenics. I'm beyond excited to chat with him today because I strongly believe in building bridges between disciplines to have a cross exchange of information and ideas. I appreciate the creativity, style, and expression of movement that calisthenics contributes to the fitness community. Rain does a ton of consulting with businesses around storytelling to help them connect with their audiences and customers. He does a phenomenal job of translating his skillset in filmmaking and storytelling into actionable items for fitness professionals to use in this new age of technology. Read More

#37 – Intentionally Building Trust w/ Dr. Sean Pastuch

Dr. Sean from PerformanceCareRx is back on the show! The first half of this episode was very tactical and technical. We reflect on the Open workouts, benefits of carrying, and ideal ratios for general fitness programming. There’s even a protocol for Knee Tendinosis that some of you might find useful. Without a doubt, the light bulb moment in this episode lies around the concept of building trust with your athletes. Whether you are a coach or athlete, hang tight and take notes. I have a strong feeling you’re going to walk away with something actionable from this one. Read More

#32 – Lifting Culture | The Phenomenon Of Moving Iron w/ Steven Vitale

Today I get to chat with Steven Vitale, who is the founder of Lifting Culture Apparel. He’s been competing in the sport of bodyboarding for about 10 years now. He’s traveled internationally to surf new waves and experience new cultures. He even moved to Queensland, Australia to study philosophy and stumbled upon CrossFit for the first time there as well. Steven has done a great job at capturing and articulating the culture of moving iron. It affects and influences our decision-making and choices. It determines whether we ought to train harder or eat less, or train less and eat more. We live and breathe this culture whether we like it or not. That being said, I was pretty excited to hear the stories and experiences he’s been able to create with his fans from doing over 150 events. Read More

#11 – Part 2 | Save Time By Assessing First Instead Of Guessing w/ Dr. Sean and Dr. Jeremy

Learn from some of the smartest minds in the game.

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This week we continue our conversation with Dr. Sean and Dr. Jeremy from PerformanceCareRx. Athletes — you will walk away with a systematic understanding on how to be effective and efficient with your time in the gym. Coaches — you will walk away a little more fluent in movement with a roadmap on how to take your game to the next level. I know you’ll enjoy listening to this one, but more importantly I hope you do something with it.If you haven’t listened to Part 1, click here.Show Notes:

  • (2:07) – Hip alignment
  • (6:45) – Theories behind adjustments in chiropractic – “How would it stay in place?”
  • (8:50) –  Why PT or Chiropractic may not have worked for you in the past — the treatment didn’t fit the dysfunction
  • (9:28) – Measuring relevant ranges of motion to truly measure what is working week to week
  • (13:00) – Using short term “feel good” methods while working towards something long term so you don’t have to keep doing quick fixes forever
  • (15:05) – Using heavy holds to build postural stamina and strength through the midline — PR your Front Squats and Cleans
  • (16:55) – Can you accumulate 2:00 within 3:00 in an Overhead Hold at 110% of your 1RM Strict Press?
  • (17:50) – Tweaking your wrist
  • (19:12) – Getting out of pronation (overhand grip)
  • (19:57) – The ONE shoulder exercise to start using if you experience tendinosis (chronic pain that feels better once you start moving around)
  • (23:25) – Typical timeframe for how long it takes to start seeing differences
  • (24:45) – “We’re onto something because we were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to listen to other people who were onto something — and then adapt it for the way we wanted it to work.”
  • (26:40) – What were some really tough moments for you guys behind the scenes?
  • (30:00) – What have you found has given you the most A-HA moments?
  • (34:40) – Tips for upcoming coaches, practitioners, and things that are often left out in formal education/certifications
  • (38:55) – Biggest influences
  • (40:40) – Non-negotiables that have been vital to success
  • (42:45) – Holy sh** moments
  • (45:50) – If you had one year to live, and you had to start over, what would you do to get back to where you are now?
  • (54:00) – What can an athlete or coach take away from this podcast that will make them better?

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Learn from some of the smartest minds in the game.

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#10 – Part 1 | Bulletproof your creaky knees, wonky hips, and weak ankles w/ Dr. Sean Pastuch and Dr. Jeremy Todd

If you’ve been living with acute pain and just accepted it as “part of the game” -- this conversation is a great place to start. It won’t replace a practitioner, but you will get quite a few actionable tips and tools you can try at home. Dr. Sean and Dr Jeremy have worked with CF athletes like Brooke Wells, Brooke Ence, Sam Briggs all the way to Olympic caliber athletes. They’ve systemized a strength program that addresses pain for ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, back, and more.In this episode, some things we talk about: Read More

#8 – Power Monkey Fitness | Level Up Your Gymnastics Skills w/ David Durante

“It can’t be stated enough how important body awareness is to truly appreciate what your body is supposed to be doing within the movement. There’s normally an enormous disconnect between what someone thinks is happening versus what it actually looks like.” – David DuranteIn this episode, we talk about:

  • Gaining the ability to move your body at will through the movement as opposed to the movement moving you.
  • Breaking down movements into finer components using the four phases of movement
  • Should prep, wrist, and elbow health

And most importantly I think Dave brings a passionate perspective to gymnastics for CrossFitters. I’m sure you will walk away with a whole new appreciation about the way your body moves. Show Notes:

  • Background in gymnastics (1:50)
  • Tapping into the CrossFit world (3:33)
  • Origins and evolution of Power Monkey Fitness (5:00)
  • What is the “Ring Thing” aka the Dream Machine? (6:35) 
  • Breaking down movements into finer components (7:50)
  • Preferred scaling options for HSPU in a daily class setting (9:37)
  • Leveling up progressions to push advanced athletes (12:35)
  • Hierarchy of movement: Four Phases (13:45)
  • Challenging advanced athletes in areas they don’t see in CF workouts (15:15)
  • Approaching flexibility w/ consistency (15:55)
  • Core work beginning with two vital positions (17:17)
  • Role of eccentric and isometric strength in gymnastics for CF (18:10)
  • The missing link of body awareness (19:12)
  • Why using video for gymnastics is extremely valuable (20:00)
  • General time frame it takes to see improvement (21:55)
  • General Physical Preparedness for gymnastics (23:45)
  • What does the transfer look like in Oly lifts, Power lifts, and metcons?  (26:00)
  • Most common injuries in gymnastics vs gymnastics in CF (27:45)
  • Should health, prep, warm up (29:18) 
  • Wrist & elbow pain from gymnastics (31:41)
  • Biggest influences (34:00)
  • Summer camp for adults (37:47)
  • Clinics (40:45)
  • Something Dave doesn’t get asked enough (42:10)
  • 15 minute routine to help your body be more capable for anything you will require of it (44:00) 

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If you enjoyed this episode, the greatest compliment you can give is by sharing it with someone that might enjoy it or somewhere on the web. And if you’re a boss — head over to iTunes and leave a 5 star review!

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