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“I had a baby at the beginning of July and I reached out to Misbah for programming to help get some of my core strength and stability back. I had continued to workout throughout my pregnancy so I was surprised how much strength I lost after having my son.

Time is always a big factor. I have a minimal amount of time to spend on the gym but I decided that it was important to get some of the baseline strength back before jumping fully back into the daily WODs. I made the commitment that P&P came first for 8 weeks.

Physically, I’m a lot stronger than I was in July and I’m more stable. Mentally, I was cautious about returning to some of the movements and lifts that I did before pregnancy but this was a good bridge to get back into the gym and get my confidence back.

I liked having the flexibility to do the work when I could get into the gym. I also liked how the movements complement what we do in the gym to address weaknesses. Many of the things I would never think to do but were really helpful. I specifically thought that the carries and holds were beneficial to me.

Moving forward, I plan to incorporate the movements from P&P into my regular accessory work. I also plan to repeat the program within the next few months. Right now, I’m trying to get back into doing the regular WODs and stop modifying many of the movements that I had to modify during and after pregnancy. I’m getting there!

Would you recommend someone that is in the position you were in to come join the program? If so, why?

Definitely! I’m glad that I did the program because it helped me return to the gym both physically and mentally.

I like that the focus is on the quality of movement. It’s surprising how difficult light weight can be if you are moving deliberately and properly!”

Kaitlin V.

Why did you decide to join the 8 Week Fundamentals program? What were you struggling with?

I really wanted to change up my routine. I had been doing the Kayla Beach Body Guide for over a year and I felt like I hit a wall. I thought trying a more weight-based workout would help get me over that wall. I think I was ready to start lifting, but I was afraid to do it unsupervised at first. I really didn’t want to hurt myself.

What was the one reason that might have prevented you from getting started? How did you get past that to the point of taking action and joining the program?

I wasn’t sure how exactly to get started. I emailed a bunch of trainers in my area and no one would really customize a plan for me. After my friend told me about the program I was so excited that I would have a customized workout plan along with just enough time with a trainer to make me feel comfortable at the gym on my own.

What were some of the benefits, both physically and mentally that you gained since beginning the program?

Its a huge ego boost when you can go to the gym and know exactly what to do, and the proper way to do it. Each week I felt myself get more confident and stronger. I was excited to see what challenge each week would bring.

How did using this program help you achieve results? What was different about the process that really resonated with you?

I had some personal goals in mind when I signed up for the program, pistol squats and pull ups specifically. I never thought I would be able to do that in 8 weeks, but the workouts I was doing during the week really concentrated on those muscle groups needed to accomplish my goal. I really liked how the program was so specific to what I was interested in doing.

How do you now feel about the future and moving forward?

I am excited about moving forward with my workouts. I signed up for another 8 weeks and I cannot wait to see what new goals I will accomplish!

Would you recommend someone that is in the position you were in to come join the program? If so, why?

I have already recommended the program to multiple people! I think its a great way to get comfortable with working out for people who are new to it. I also think its a great challenge to those who are in a routine workout plan. It’s a great way to push past those walls and see what you’re actually capable of. It’s also nice knowing there is someone there to make sure you are making progress but it a safe way.

What is one specific thing you appreciate about the culture/environment that AirborneMind fosters?

I like that there is no judgment on what you can and cannot do. It’s nice to have someone listen to how you are feeling, whether it be mentally or physically, and accommodate that. My previous injury was always addressed and I was always given options to modify the workout depending on how I felt.

Emilia K.


“Had to let you know, I know it’s not a lot. But 3 Strict Handstand Pushups today. 7.5 months since surgery. They said I’d never do them again ???? Thanks!!”

“I started the P&P program because I wanted to help my whole body get back from my shoulder injury, and it sounded like a good place to start. And I trust you. I wasn’t sure if I had the time to get in this extra accessory work, but figured it was only two months so I would find the time.

I’m so glad I did. Some of my favorite takeaways from the program were feeling much more secure in the lifts. Especially the Snatch and Overhead squats. I think about my positioning and feel my muscles working. My elbow tendonitis is going away. I can keep my knees out much better coming out of a squat. The single leg work has made my balance and strength much better.

I feel a lot more confident in my body since starting the program. One of the things that helped me was how we added a little each week so it wasn’t overwhelming. It was doable. You also made me feel very comfortable. When you told me “little steps” because sometimes I put crazy pressure on myself — I could relax and just do it. If I had any questions you answered them right away. I would definitely recommend this or any of your programs to someone in my position. My shoulder feels better than it ever has and I can’t wait to see what else we can do.”

Donna S.

What concerns did you have before starting my program?

“My concern was that I wouldn’t be able to get a lot of training done in the week because I had school and a part time job. Time was the main problem along with bad shoulder problems (subluxation). I talked to you about my priorities in school and my limited movement in the shoulder, and you quickly programmed the perfect training schedule for me. Each session can be done in 40- 45 minutes and whenever I have the time, I can get in a WOD as well. You also provided me with extra accessory work and strengthening cycles to improve my shoulders.”

Tell us a little bit about your injuries.

“In the past, I injured both of my shoulders while playing football and soccer. I still suffer from subluxation of the shoulders. Subsequently, I tore my ACL while playing soccer, and was out from any training for a year and a half.

After months of physical therapy, I was finally cleared to play sports and train again. I started out simple with interval runs to regain some strength and full range of motion. Then, I found a local CrossFit box, and I was immediately hooked. I learned all of the movements, but was struggling with the Olympic lifts. After about a year into CrossFit, I was sufficient with the lifts enough to perform the workouts. But still had to scale workouts that had Snatches or CJ.”

What exactly were you looking to get out of the program?

“At this point, I wanted to get better. I wanted to lift heavier weights with better technique, and eventually compete at a local competition. When I started Airborne Mind’s programming 6 months ago, my main goal was to get stronger and be faster with the Olympic lifts. Mainly so I could transfer the strength to daily WODs.”

Fast forward 6 months later…how’d we do?

“Surprisingly, I can proudly say that I have achieved my goal and more. Not only am I stronger than ever before, but I am mentally tough as well. Throughout the program, all different kinds of rep schemes and different weights trained me to calculate the number of reps I can perform during a WOD so that I can move as efficiently as possible. I can now hold on to the barbell much longer, cycle through the barbell complexes, and hold on to the pullup bar longer. Those extra reps of pullups or TTB come much easier. The programming really helped me to become smarter in attacking the workouts. Not only physically, but mentally as well. After the programming, my strength definitely improved so I can complete more workouts at prescribed weights (Rx).”

Where are you now compared to where you expected?

“I am well beyond where I expected to be. All of my lifts are sharper, faster, technically sound, and more aggressive.”

Before Airborne Mind (lbs) After Airborne Mind (lbs) Gains (lbs)
Snatch 125 195 70
Clean + Jerk 175 235 60
Clean 195 255 60
Back Squat 305 335 30
Front Squat 255 315 60
Deadlift 275 345 70

“The numbers shown in the table is pretty significant. When I first started to Snatch, it wasn’t about the weight, but more about the technique. Once I improved the technique, the strength naturally transferred over and now, I max out at 195lb Snatch (with bad shoulders). Just by keeping up with the program, all of my other lifts such as push presses, strict press or thrusters improved drastically. I have never felt the strong drive that I have in my legs, and I feel confident to attack any WOD.”

Jayden K.

“Trust. It’s clear that you go above and beyond to make sure you’re well-educated in weightlifting, which makes you a very credible coach in my eyes. Your passion for helping others become the best version of themselves through fitness is unparalleled. No matter what level of fitness they may be coming through the door with, you adjust and adapt your coaching to meet their needs.”

Dominick P.

I have always been pretty active and athletic. When I first began training with Misbah, I didn’t think there was much more he could teach me. Boy, was I wrong! Each coaching session was challenging, pushing me to the max. Misbah has a plethora of knowledge about fitness, which clearly shows in his ability to tailor exercises for any fitness level. I have noticed a significant improvement in my endurance, strength and agility as a result. Thanks to Misbah’s positivity and encouragement, I was able to leave each session feeling proud and determined to continue!

Justyna M.

Before I started, my biggest concern was that I wouldn’t have enough time to complete my workouts. I’m a full time student athlete at Bloomsburg University, so I’m short on time to begin with. Coach Misbah programmed my workouts to fit perfectly into my schedule, making it easy for me to get in that extra work that I was missing.

I initially thought it was just going to be program where I would receive a workout, complete it, and that was the end of it. The online coaching has given me so much more. Being able to be apart of a group of people who are grinding through some of the same workouts as you makes it that much cooler to post and get feedback. It really gives you that support system you’re missing out on when working out alone.

My two biggest goals before starting were:

1. Improve my swimming; being a member of the Bloomsburg swim team I get everything I possibly can out of the time we spend in the water at practice. I just felt like there were some aspects of “dryland” workouts that I was missing. After speaking with Misbah we talked about what I needed in my program that would really fill in those missing movements.

2. Improve my gymnastics; body awareness and control has a huge impact in swimming so improving my gymnastics is definitely a goal.

The coaching and programming has definitely had an impact on my performance! I’m hitting bigger numbers every week, and always feeling stronger. I’m very excited to see my times at our upcoming championship meet in a few weeks!

I couldn’t give you just one favorite aspect of the experience. Honestly I think it’s everything involved with this program. Misbah is so great with the quality of his workouts and all the thought he puts into each week. You can tell with the blog where we all post, everyone supports one another. We all have goals that Misbah is helping us reach, it makes it that much better that I can post and get feedback along with support.

I would definitely recommend him to my best friend. The cool part about this is that anyone can do it. My closest friend isn’t very comfortable with lifting heavy weights but Misbah programs specifically to your needs. It’s not just a blog where all types of athletes are following the same workouts.

I have tried a lot of different programs and this one just really works for me, being built around my own personal goals. Having an affordable program like this has been great so far, I cannot wait to see what the future holds!

Nicole Y.

“The quality of the coaching Misbah delivered was excellent, provide great teaching with a huge safety aspect. Misbah has a caring attitude. He shows a genuine concern over others well-being. Quality coaching with excellent feedback during the workout. Join his program now.”


“He helped me outline specific goals, and guided me toward them without pushing too hard, and really took the time to explain the whys, and how my body reacts to a workout, and how important mobility is after, and to stay consistent so my body performs well during a challenging workout. Always has a positive attitude and outlook on life and never has anything negative to say. Working with a trainer will help to achieve the results that you cannot achieve on your own. My goals were specific to me and Misbah helped develop those goals and helped me to become successful with them.”

Alice R.

“The quality, delivery, and service of the coaching/programming was very professional, very encouraging, and I really appreciate the attention paid to doing the exercise with the proper form. I would say we are a good team. I come willing to work hard and you encourage me to do my best, without pushing too hard. I would say if you want to get in the best shape of your life, and not have to exercise every day, give Misbah a try. It has become a (healthy) addiction to me. That is probably due to the fact that I am at the strongest I have ever been and am 47 years old.”

Beth V.

“My favorite part of the coaching experience has been realizing how much more I can do, if I integrate Misbah’s techniques into my workout. My stamina and body have improved greatly because of his coaching. I was previously a half-marathon and marathon runner. It was good aerobic exercise, but at 57 years old, I think my body responds better to this kind of exercise and training, and it will continue to help me with core strength, balance and good joint health, as I age. This has been an amazing experience for me. I have enjoyed every minute of it, and continue to be amazed at my growth because of Misbah’s coaching and programming. A great coach with incredible communication skills and insight! From the very beginning, I was impressed with Misbah’s ability to quickly relate to each person and to develop each of us through our strengths to overcome our weaknesses. He has an amazing ability to know just the right thing to say to make me work harder or try something new. He is a true coach who understands, at a core level, what he is trying to communicate and how to achieve good outcomes. Trust him! He will breathe life into your fitness program, and you will become addicted to it!”

Clark M.

“I’ve known Misbah for 3 years as a coach at CrossFit Royalty. He exudes positive energy and it really comes through in his coaching style to achieve positive results. His adherence to technique and persistence in analyzing the fine details have helped me achieve PR’s on a variety of movements. As a semi-competitive athlete, I would highly recommend Misbah as a coach if you’re looking to push your boundaries and achieve something epic.”

Luke K.

“Fitness is so important in life, but sometimes it’s hard to find that motivation to work out unless you truly love the program. The friendliness, approachability, and willingness to teach is my favorite part of the program. No matter how much I learn about fitness, I’m never surprised when I leave class with a new stretch, exercise, or technique to improve how I perform as an athlete. No matter what your goals are, Misbah is highly knowledgeable when it comes to fitness. His greatest asset is knowing about mobility and how to lift effectively. If there’s a specific lift or exercise you want to get better at, there’s no doubt that he can help you improve your technique and put up more weight than you thought possible.”

Chris W.

“Coach Misbah is a great Strength and Conditioning coach. He has always been up-beat and positive to help me get to my goals. He continues to guide and teach in a way that makes you feel comfortable. I would highly recommend working with him.”

Brandon S.
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